Show a pop-up screen by chosing combo box value

Hi Outsystems experts, 

I create a form with a combo box input field on it, and now when i choose a value from the combo box, i wanted to show the data belonging to that combo box value in a pop-up before i save the whole form.

Now I only got to sea the data when i saved the whole form and than press on i button i created for the pop-p to show up, but i want to be able so see the data as soon as i fill the value in de combo box and press the button to show the pop-up.

It looks like i have to retrieve and save the ID of the combo box value some how... but i tried many option but still dont get the desire results 

Can you guys help me please ?
Just to make sure, you want to open a popup with information after selecting a option from the combo box and that information is related to the option you selected right?

There are multiple ways of doing this, one could be using a OnChange action on the combobox that would make a WidgetClick (RichWidgets action) that would be linked to a link that opens a popup. If this link has a input parameter that fits your comboBox value and you make sure you refresh it before the WidgetClick I mentioned above, the html will always have the correct parameter which will make the popup open the way you want.

We can discuss other options if you want.

Best regards