list_bulkSelect - weird behaviour

I have 02 checkboxes on the same line. One to delete a row and other to conclude a task. I don´t know why, the list_bulkSelect choose the conclude task checkbox to check all lines. How I tell to it to work on the right checkbox ?
Hi Luciano, hopfully you are way past this problem, by now. I'm sorry we missed your question...

Anyway - did you get it to work? If not, could you post the module so I can have a quick look at it?
Hi Mario,
   the file is attached. Go to Assets and choose an item.  You will be in touch with the problem. All checkbox are set when I choose the delete all itens option.
Hi Luciano,
Maybe I can help you with that...
The expected behavior for that widget is - when checking the checkbox near "description" (in the header of the Table Records), all the checkbox bellow become "checked".

And than you can click in the link "Delete Selected Asset Category" to bulk delete.

Regarding "conclude a task.", what's your idea?
Maybe, by clicking on the checkbox near each item, should mark it as "concluded" ?
Or you want to do that action in bulk too (conclude selected items)?

Hi Vera,
   the idea is to use checkbox for another function (conclude a task or enable an item) beyond the delete selected asset. I could use a link with an image but I want to use a checkbox to update the boolean field immediately.
the bulkselect should have an option to put the variables or field names to only select them.