font size for retrieved data

I am using the london theme by default and have succesfully adjusted my font sie to 12 but when i run my solution the system when retrieving a record shows the text in a larger font(16) until i click in that field and the size then goes to 12. When i tab out it jumps back to a larger size (16). How can i get the initial size to be 12. I cant find any font size in the CSS theme at 16??.


Please provide more information.

you can check with developer-tools in chrome what is causing the 16.

umm ok im a bit of a newby with the devloper tools I will go off and investigate further..
ok.. managed to find some time and went through the form.. appears to point to something called

    cloudinstance/applicationname/Widgets/Form/Form.css?9_1_0_10. where the is a value for .form input.ReadOnly, etc of 16px.

can this be changed in the application?.

Is there a hierarchy of what overwrites what as the solution is built. i.e. if you set hieghts at a container level is this ignored/overwritten at a cell level then at a expressio level or does CSS overwrite?