[OutSystems Now] Activating breakpoints?
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(Note: this is a repost from my other post because I didn't realize I could post a Forge discussion. I've fixed the coordinates issue in the post below, but I still can't seem to activate breakpoints - not when using my android stock browser, chrome for android or OS Now) 

Hey guys, 

I have a mobile application that uses OS Now to get the GPS coords of the device. I'm using these coords to get a response from Google's Places API. I can get the coordinates just fine (on an iOS device - not on my Android phone), but when trying to submit to Google I get an empty response. Naturally, I added some breakpoints, but it would appear that I can't get them to fire when entered in OutSystems Now. Does anyone know how to debug when an application runs in OS Now? 

Many thanks in advance & kindest regards,

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