Need a committed part-time Developer for Energy Startup

Hi Everyone!  I have an urgent requirement for a part-time developer to assist with a cutting-edge energy analytics platform.  We are in beta with an extremely large customer and need to finish putting some Data Model, reporting and UI elements together in rapid fashion so we can move on to the next phase.  We are looking for a minimum 10 hours / week with a max of 20 @ a rate of 35 - 40 depending on experience.  This is a remote position of course but will require availability at certain times of the day EST so we can collaborate.  Please note this is not a "free-lance" type gig - this is a complex tool and will require someone who can invest thier time and their brain in taking it to the next level.  We are looking at this becoming a long-term relationship as this business grows.  

Must have extensive knowlege with OS platform - I am not a developer (as you'll see by the code) but I can figure anything out with a little bit of time. We really need someone who knows how to complete a task efficiently.

Must know JS well enough to integrate just about anything in OS and write enough code to adapt to our needs.

Must have an expert-level knowledge of SQL, or close enough to avoid having to use aggregates everywhere

Must be able to think outside the box - we have a complex product that was put together with limited resources so the current state is not necessarily the target state.  There is logic, data, UI etc. that will need to be adapted to scale the product effectively.

If you're interested in starting (today :-) ) please email me at  Include a brief bio with your experience, skill sets and weaknesses.  

Hi Doug,
Please consider posting the job position in the following website:
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 Daniel Martins.
I have done that in the past -  not as responsive.