Values in structure are disappearing

Hello Community Members,

I have used one TableRecords widget and assigning result of Advance query to this widget. I also have included one checkbox in the TableRecords widget. When I select records with the checkbox, only those records should be passed to the screen action when I click on submit button. But this is not happening, whenver I am passing selected records, values from structure are disappearing and IsSelected field which I have used from structure is showing true rest values are getting disappeared.

Any suggestion for this?

Thanks a lot.

Suraj Borade

Assuming the TableRecords aren't paginated, it should be fairly straightforward to do what you want. Make sure you use the TableName.List instead of the QueryName.List, as the latter won't have the value of the checkboxes.
Kilian sir,

TableRecords aren't paginated it is correct. I am using TableName.List only but still values are getting disappeared.

Hi Suraj,

Are these values that are entered in the TableRecords, or are these values that are already in the output from the query?

These values are already in the output from the query. Only boolean value for checkbox is not pulled. I have declared that boolean value in the structure and in query by default calling it as '0'.
Well, it's difficult to tell what goes wrong without knowing more details, like if there are other screen actions doing something with the list, etc. But like I said, what you want is rather straightforward. See included example.