Service Studio Version Compatibility Platform X


My firm has a Outsystems Platform License, and I'm using in my note a Service Studio v I was using this version to access my particular Outsystems cloud with success. But today I believe that the version cloud was changed, and I received a message that my Service Studio was not compatible with version Is that Service Studio required version compatible with my Platform?

Can someone send me the link to load the new service studio version?

Hi Roberto,

For accessing a 9.1 environment, you need a 9.1 Service Studio. You can have both a 9.0 and a 9.1 Service Studio, side by side, on a single workstation. Like all versions, you can find it in the download section.
Thanks Kilian,

I already see in forum posts that I can install two Service and Integration Studio versions, using different directories. So, I will install the 9.1 in another directory and use this version to cloud and my old version to my 9.0 plataform. That is correct?

Best Regards,

Hi Roberto,

Major versions are automatically installed in different directories. You can just install them as-is.