Show a pop-up screen by chosing it from a combo box value

Show a pop-up screen by chosing it from a combo box value

Hi Outsystems experts, 

I create a form with a combo box input field on it, and now when i choose a value from the combo box, i wanted to show the data belonging to that combo box value in a pop-up before i save the whole form.

Now I only got to sea the data when i saved the whole form and than press on i button i created for the pop-p to show up, but i want to be able so see the data as soon as i fill the value in de combo box and press the button to show the pop-up.

It looks like i have to retrieve and save the ID of the combo box value some how... but i tried many option but still dont get the desire results 

Can you guys help me please ?
You'll need to pass the value of the combo box to the web screen which is the pop-up, via the web screens' Input parameters.
Dear Mr. Hekhuis,

I did that already but i doesnt work.. i can send you a screen shot 
Hi GM,

Apart from a screen shot (which you can attach to your post), you should provide some more info. "it doesn't work" is really not enough for me to go on.
Hi GM,

can you share an .oml file with a sample with what you want to do?.