What does Concurrent Users mean for a Demo License?

What does Concurrent Users mean for a Demo License?

I have a Development License, that says "Enterprise 600 (for Demo)" as well in the Edition Name. My question is around the Concurrent Users portion of the license - our environment says we can only have 10. Can someone explain what this means exactly? Does the web server not allow more than 10 HTTP requests a time? Or does the platform not allow more than 10 session at a time (i.e. logged in users). Additionally, does the app show a message like "sorry you can't access the app right now because the concurrency limit has been exceeeded"? Or are the app requests just queued and the app will render once there are less than 10 concurrent requests?

The other part of this that is a gap is that Service Center never shows any Sessions in the "/ServiceCenter/EndUsersSessions.aspx" page. Even if several users log into the app, the graph never shows the Session count increase. Is that just a bug or is the OS platform just allowing us to have as many concurrent sessions as we want? After all, our Named User limit is set to 500.

Thanks for any help you can provide.
I also have a development server and was wondering the same thing.  We had planned on conducting some load and performance testing with  10/20/100 users and 100/500/1000 concurrent requests and are in the process of developing our test plan. 

Will this require upgrading to a production license before testing?  Will additional requests simply be rejected or throttled until existing requests are handled? Please let us know as if they will be throttled this may impact the performance results and if they are rejected we will not be able to test our application.

It refers to the number of user accounts currently logged in. So if you are doing load testing, using the same account for each test, that *may* work.


Thaks for the reply. What happens when we hit 10 concurrent connections or more?