We recently had the extreme pleasure of interviewing Charlie Whitfield, CEO of Whitty Apps @Whittyapps and https://www.facebook.com/WhittyAppsLlc/  at the OutSystems NextStep conference in Atlanta.
She has a noble cause, in using OutSystems to empower the workforce for Veterans and Women in Technology.

Charlie is working with Veterans and is one herself. Whitty apps is working with veterans on how to train them to have a marketable skill set in the employment force. OutSystems has the “How to” with Low coding. “Technology sometimes intimidates people. But what I found about OutSystems is that it provides people the opportunity to learn technology. We are going to bring in Veterans and teach them how to do this and empower the work force. Helping people help themselves. We are going after federal contracts with the hub zone. We are also looking to help women in technology, especially young, as well in the same manor. See www.whittyapps.com where smart meets mobile.”

She was really impressed with the Next Step conference and it’s more than she imagined. She learned how she can use the platform in so many different ways, with software development and integration and with mobile technology. She said, “It’s amazing!” And Charlie, you are amazing!
She concludes, “The OutSystems platform is changing the way we do business. Not only on the RAD agile side but on the smart side. It handles every aspect of technology not only with mobile but integrations as well. I am amazed at how much the OutSystems platform has grown in the year that I have been using it. Low coding actually helps people get things done. “

We all wish her the best of luck in her efforts from OutSystems! Go Charlie!



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