Highcharts on click action

Having problems finding the "On Click" destination property of a chart in Service Studio 9.1.x.  In v9.0.x the property shows up below the advanced format property.

In 9.1 it does not.

Setting the "clickable" property to true, triggers a click event at runtime, but I cannot find a way to link the click to an action (like it used to be in v9.0).

Can anybody help me understand if I'm missing some new thing or if this is an issue with studio or the new version of Charts.

Hi Izak,
That's a defect (#1083703) that has been already fixed and released with revision

I am already running SS  Is the a SS defect, or does the server need to be upgraded as well?  We are currently running (on the cloud).
Never mind.  I just read the release notes.  I'll arrange for the cloud environment to be updated ASAP.