updating entity

I have updated entity and added few more attributes, but its not reflecting when i am launching the application.
Although I am able to see the updated entity in preperation
what do you mean exactly?

if you mean on the screens, you have to add them manually, since it will not synchronise the screen versus entiy when you scaffolded it.
(nice to have, horrible to code)

Can you tell me steps to do this manually? or any link where we have done something similar..
Actually I am trying to do the assignment given in developer boot camp of listing tasks.
Thanks in advance.
I suggest watching the videos then, since it will cover that topic.
It's really easy, just think the outsystems way of doing things...


As J says, this is pretty basic, and you should get a better grasp of the platform if you want to become a succeful developer. That said, you can drag attributes from an entity onto the widget (edit record or table records etc.) to add it, or manually by adding a row or column and setting the properties.