Environment Health Problems.

Environment Health Problems.

Hello , one week ago , i was working in my personal cloud , and suddenly get this trouble , i saw in /lifetime/ this message, i send two tickets about that , but no one asnwer me. I need to do something or this is work for support team?
He Diogo,

Problems with the Personal Cloud will not be handled ASAP by Outsystems. So if you already send a email and posted a forum message there is nothing else to wait till they have time for. (happend already a few times to me).

Good luck!
Hello Diogo, 

Sorry for the late reply.

I've check your personal environment and determined that due to excessive memory usage by your applications, our protection mechanisms stopped your applications from running. This affects the access to the applications, as well as deployment of new applications or new versions of the applications.

I've recovered the problem for now, but if you have timers or BPT processes that can trigger a high memory usage (usually related to loading files or large datasets into memory), there's a chance that this can happen again. If so, feel free to PM me directly to help you analyze the root cause of the problem.

Hope this information helps.


I went through the same problem, lately.