Refresh image with new BinaryData

Hey folks, 

I have an application where a user can upload images (it's an immo application that I created to try out some OSNow functionalities). I have a Listing entity that currently has two records. Each Listing has three Images (the Image entity has three attributes: ListingId, Binary and FileName). Per Listing, I want to show one image while also giving the user the option to swap through images. 

To do this, I put the Image in a webblock with a link for showing the previous and a link for showing the next image. I have an action "LoadImage" that takes a ListingId and a boolean to check whether the user clicked next or previous. I keep a Count, and set the BinaryData of my GetImagesByListing.Current to the BinaryData of GetImagesByListing.List[Count].Image.Binary, and an AJAX refresh after that. In the debugger I can see that the new BinaryData gets loaded, but the image never gets updated. Can anyone tell me why? To see the HomePage, click here.

Kindest regards,
Hi Robrecht, 

Maybe a cache problem? The link you passed is broken. Can you share the oml?