I have created an application and it is in production. Now the business sent me the the access file list of user information to be loaded. I am not sure how can I do that in production directly as there are only  few fields in the access file than that are in the entity to be boot strapped.  How can I approach this. Do I have to bootstrap in DEV and deploy in to production? If I bootstrap in DEV and deploy in to other environment does it automatically upload the data in to respective sql database servers.
Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.Thanks
Hi v,

this is basic stuff.

imho, create a page where you can upload an excel.
in there you have the access-list, and then you excel->recordlist and insert the into the database.
and yes, you will have to do it everywhere.

Hi v

Adding some more information to this post:
The data won't be automatically uploaded to Prod. I would say to do it first in DEV/TEST, adjust if needed, and deploy to PROD (bootstrapping the data there)