Boothstrapping the excel file with date field

Now have an excel file with the list of data and the entity was created earlier. I need to boot strap the file to the entity.
My Excel File looks like

I converted the DateToRide to the Date format as it was showing error while bootstrapping

The DateToRide attribute in the entity is like

The issue is even now when I run the timer for boot strapping in the service centre I get

Can anyone please help me with this.
The field in excel probaly is type text. You can't use the Excel2RecordList directly because the Excel col datatype must match the attribute type of the RL. so you need another auxiliar structure to fetch the excel data, and after in the bootstrap action you can convert it to Datetime, since the entity attribute is set with this type.
Thanks Andre. But I am little confused. Do I need to create a  structure with all the attributes and convert in bootstrap. Is there any same application you can point me to.
As you see in the Excel I changed the DateToRide field to Date format

What should it be in excel.
Yes, I see. But sometimes it is not enough.. I've already take scenarios like this, with decimal values coming text. To workaround this I needed to create a structure with all attributes and only that one with text data type instead of decimal. In a second step I converted this to decimal again when passing this List to the Record List of my entity in the bootstrap.

Of course it is not a better approach, but is a workaround and it works.

Hope it helps.
Is it possible to prvide me a sample.
Hi v,

In excel as well as in structure you can keep both data type as text. But before "CreateorUpdate" operation you should use TextToDate() function. Use this in assignment operator.

Hope this helps.