How to link open link to new window/tab from action

Trying to get opening a link to a new tab/window from an action.  It looks like the click widget won't work for items with type set to navigate.  Anyone found a way to get this to work?

It would be very helpful if there was a setting for externalURL's to be "open in new window".
Hi Jason,

In your action you can call RunJavascript and execute the script below: 

var win ='"+ Link_URL +"', '_blank');

NOTE: The Javascript has nothing to do with how the new tab/window is opened. It's all determined by your browser's settings. Using tells the browser to open something new, then the browser opens up what is chosen in its settings - tab or window.



Thanks!  That works perfectly and I think that is a very powerful tool that was not immediately available.
Hi Jason,

Are you talking about actions or screen actions?

I guess it could be either however what I am using now is a screen action.

Just did a quick test, and it indeed doesn't work. Weird...
Yeah - actually check out the description for the widget click action and it says it doesn't work for that.
Well, at least the documentation is good :)