Full text search posible in the personal cloud?

Hi Guys,

Does anyone know more about the posiblity to do a full text search in the peronal cloud?

There isn't any. Full text searches across eSpace (I assume that's what you mean) aren't supported by Service Studio, which is a real shame. And since in the cloud you can't access the file system, you can't search with other tools in the generated code.
Hi Kilian,

My question was more in the database for example you have a entity field named description or page contont. And you want to do a full text search on that field. Just like the search engines are doing to score witch result is closest to your search value. Normaly you can access the database and change the field from text to fulltext. Only in the cloud you cant access the database so no possibility there?
As far as I know, you can not. I think you are not allowed to connect to the database using any external tool, like sql management server

Afaiu, fulltext is a type of index, not a data type. You could try to set such an index with an advanced query. Perhaps make a timer in the eSpace that holds the table, with schedule "When Published", which checks whether the index exists and if not, creates it.

To get full-text search capabilities in your application, you can integrate with a third-party service such as AWS CloudSearch (there are many others, and the best choice will depend on your use case).

The full-text search component of SQL Server is NOT installed in the OutSystems PaaS.


Hello, Freek.

I created a forge component that is able to perform full text searches, even in cloud environments. However, it doesn't use the full text search of Sql Server. It uses a separate table to store the index. You can see a demo here and here, and learn how to use it here.

Please note that this component does not include its source code, and is licensed for use in production environments. However, you are still able to test it for free on your personal cloud.