[DBCleaner] Keep XX number of versions

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Published on 2018-11-23 by Johan den Ouden
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Published on 2018-11-23 by Johan den Ouden
Hi Ricardo - I really like DBCleaner.  The interface is really easy to use.  But I have found one thing lacking and that's being able to retain XX number of versions of an application.  Say for example Application AAA has 50 versions and that I haven't worked on that application in a year.  If I use 2 months as a base to clean up my applications, that will remove all 50 versions of Application AAA.  Now in the event I have to go back to my application, i no longer have any history.  What I'd like to propose is that there is an option to always maintain a fixed number of versions regardless of the time period.  So in this case, if I want to maintain 10 versions, DBCleaner would remove the oldest 40 versions of Application AAA.  Thus the next time I go into the application, I still have some history.  Thank you.
Hi David,

That's a really tough feature to design. Also if you want to keep some versions, you already have a time horizon to keep the versions.

Should the latest XX versions be kept? should the oldest XX versions be kept? Something in between? How to select which versions to keep ?

Also the implementation of this would most likely not be simple, and I like to keep things simple :)

In any case, I don't feel like this is a feature for all users. If you would like to have this, DBCleaner is free and open and you should implement such functionality in your version.

Best regards,
Ricardo Silva
I actually have to agree with David.

Some applications may not be used as frequent as others, and thus need to be treated differently.
As David explained, the time horizon is not a balanced overview of appication versions. I may work on an espace, publish it, and not updated it again for years. However, if I were only to keep the last 6 months of each espace, all the versions of that espace will dissappear.

I think you can keep it simple Ricardo, just add a feature to save the latest XX versions, regardless of the date it was created.

Regardless, the DBCleaner is an absolute gem. Surprisingly, it has not yet been implemented as a built-in core feature.