Issue with publishing to the forge and silkui


after my personalcloud has been upgraded, yay.
I could not upgrade silkUI (booh) the easy way.
So had to download it and install it the "old-skool harcdore way".
Manged to do so, but now I have 2 silkUI references showing in my app??? WEIRD
Furthermore, I cannot publish to the forge anymore, because I have to upload my reference of SilkUI to it...

erm, help?
Still haven't received any support, but how to fix this?

As you can see, I have 2 references to silkUI :(
Hello Joost,

Sorry for the late reply.

After reading both posts, I'm not sure exactly what may have happened there, but let me give you some steps to solve the issue.
  1. On each module of your application, try to remove the references to Silk UI, and then add them again.
  2. If the first step doesn't solve the issue, please try to remove the Silk UI application from you personal, and then install it again from the Forge.

Can you please try these steps and then get back to us?

Samuel Jesus