Outsystems Now service not detected


I received this error while logging into my Outsystems Now in my android phone.

The required Outsystems Now service was not detected. If the location entered above is accurate, please check the instructions on preparing your installation at labs.outsystems.net/Native.

Previously i have no problem opening until about 2 months ago. Try uninstalling, reinstalling, wake up my environment but still in vain.

My hosting location is lms.outsystemscloud.com.

Hi there!

There was a new version of OutSystems Now published a couple of weeks ago. Would you please check if:
1. You have OutSystems Now installed in your enviornment, if not install it from the Forge
2. And if so, upgrade it to the latest version

Out of curiosity, are you trying to build a learning management system is it just coincidence that your alias is lms?

Hope this helps!

Hi Mario,

I still couldn't get it to work.

My alias is coincidentally lms.

To make sure I am on the same page ...

I launch the forge from my tablet and install the Outsystems Now from there.

My Outsystems Now version is

Hi there,

To use the OutSystems Now App, apart from installing the app on your tablet, you also need to download and install OutSystems Now component from OutSystems Forge into your enviornment. 

This can be done from Service Center (see screenshot below). 

Once the installation is completed, you'll be able to login and manage apps here: http://lms.outsystemscloud.com/OutSystemsNowService/

Hope this helps!

Hi Mario,

It works!

Thank you very much
Awesome! Have fun building those apps :)