Can platform integrate with Component One

Hi guys, 

I want to use Component One in Outsystems, does anyone know how to achieve this? Thanks a lot.
Hi Zhuang, welcome to the OutSystems community!

From what I see after looking-up Component One is that it is mostly a UI framework for several Microsoft Technologies.

With OutSytems you can integrate controls that are client side controls - any javascript/CSS3/HTML5 based widgets can be integrated. Meaning that in order to integrate into OutSystems you should look for client-side based components, and not server side components.

With OutSystems you do your UI development using the OutSystems visual language. As for the implementation of advanced UI patterns, OutSystems provides SilkUI, that consists of several Themes and UI widgets that can be used to compose your interfaces - you can look explore it up at .

I am not able to give you the specifics of how to integrate as I am not familiar with the framework, but just wanted to leave my view on how you tipically tackle the need for the implementation of complex UI patterns in OutSystems.

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