Is Outsystems right for this simple proposed app?

Is Outsystems right for this simple proposed app?

I'm seeking feedback before I go too far in learning how Outsystems works.

I have already made a simple app using a visual rapid app development software. Unfortunately, that software is very behind in terms of how an app can be published - their only options are fixed width/height and can only be ran as a stand-alone .exe on the Windows desktop platform.

That is why I now need to re-make the app using something that offers more flexible publishing options.

The only thing is, although I understand perfectly how basic coding works (inputs, variables, if, else, goto etc.) I cannot write such code. That is why I usually prefer to use RAD tools that help me structure the code using building blocks that are attached to my visual design.

For example, if I have an input box with a simple button on my design page, I might right click the input box to declare that the value entered into it should be stored in a variable named $Input. And I might right click on the button to use code blocks that simply state, "OnPress look up $input in MSAccessTableNameColumnMain and insert the value of MSAccessTableNameColumnNumber into a new variable $OutputColumnNumber and then Goto Next Page" which would obviously either do some maths with the number or simply output it on screen.

I couldn't write any of the above in .php or anything though! 

My current app asks a user to input 2 things (lets call them destination and startingpoint). The app then connects to an Access database table and queries other columns in those rows in order to do some basic maths and give the user a unique answer.

For example - lets say the user is looking at a wall of fruit that is kept in bays. 
The data might be like this:
Fruit    Position
Apple  1
Banana  2
Citrus  3

The user enters their strating point as Apple, and their Destination as Citrus.

The app will then calculate that (3-1 = +2) and so will output that the user needs to move 2 bays along to the right.
If the starting point and destiantion were reversed, the app would calculate that (1-3 = -2) and so will out put that the user needs to move along 2 bays to the left.

^^^^^In essence this is what I have already created as a standalone desktop app.

Will it be easy to recreate using Outsystems considering I tend to use CodeBuilding blocks rather than actually knowing the code myself?

Many thanks,
Hey Cris, 
...and welcome :)

If I understood you correctly, but what you are trying to "evaluate" is the cost for rebuilding your app with Outsystems. Am I right? 

Can you share some screenshots from your existing app? 

Hi V,
That's almost right - I'd like to learn how to use a new RAD (such as Outsystems) but I was just checking if Outsystems will have the functionality I need presented in a way that is either easy to learn or intuitive to use.
I can't share any screenshots from the existing app publically, but I could do so via PM or email if that's available here?
Hi again
I'll send you my skype contact via PM.

Hi Chris,

Outsystems doesn't support Access database, but you can migrate from Access to SQL Server ( and then use Integration Studio to use those tables.

In the OutSystems Academy you can get free online training that will get you up to speed with OutSystems.

Hope it helps you.

Best regards,

Daniel Martins.
Hi Chris,

Check if that helps