[Unit Testing Framework] UTF Webservice deployment error

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Published on 2018-01-11 by Paulo Ramos
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Published on 2018-01-11 by Paulo Ramos

We installed the UTF component in our upgraded environment (Version, Java stack) to investigate whether we could get the UTF to operate. Previously, with version 9.0, we encountered some problems that seemed to be related to incompatible Java versions (see other tread by Jan-Hendrik van Heusden).

There are no problems installing and deploying the UTF, UTF_Core and UTF_Assertions eSpaces, neither with the extension eSpaces.

The problem we encounter is whenever we actually try to build a Unit Testing eSpace, based upon the UTF_Template eSpace. Trying to publish this new eSpace, containing an webservice/action to test one of the actions from one of our own eSpaces results in the attached error.

In fact, trying to publish the UTF_Template eSpace results in exactly the same error.

Is there a solution to this problem?