[Human Readable Change History] Correct format of "AttributesToIgnore"

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Published on 8 Apr by Johan den Ouden
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Published on 8 Apr by Johan den Ouden
Hi got this working fine in Bali environment - tried to ignore UpdatedOn field but still gets compared.

Tried "UpdatedOn", "Account.UpdatedOn" and "Account:UpdatedOn" in the AttributesToIgnore parameter - what's the expected format please?

Cheers, Jason
I would try it without the entity name, just the attribute name. I just looked at the .NET code but don't have a handy .NET environment to double check.

Hi Justin, thanks for quick response -

tried again using just the attribute label "Updated On" (tried just the attribute name initially)

- still tracks it though.

Not a big issue for us but would be nice if you could confirm the expected syntax

Ta, Jason


I have the same problem about "AttributesToIgnore". There is some specific format for an attribute to be excluded?

So far, my attempts have not worked since the attribute I want to ignore continues to appear.

Best regards, João