peer-2-peer wifi in Outsystems Now

peer-2-peer wifi in Outsystems Now

Is there a way to have p2p connection over Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi Direct) between two OutsystemsNow apps when no internet connection is available?
Hi Mykola,

Out of the box you can't. But from a quick google I noticied that there are SDK that enable exactly that.
OutSystems Now being open source, means that you can customize it and integrate with whatever you want having it as the base.

Let me know your thoughts.


Hi Rúben,
Thanks for your answer and a link - AllJoyn Framework seems to provide a desired functionality. Will try to use and integrate it.

If you can, then write a post about it, I'd love to read how it goes! 


Hi Rúben,

The AllJoyn plugin for Cordova ( seems to work fine only with Cordova version  < 4 ( trie with project).

Build after adding a plugin using latest cordova has error:
ld: 353 duplicate symbols for architecture x86_64

clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)

Also tried adding this plugin using older version (<4) of cordova - build fails with multiple "angled included file" not found and "imlicit declaration of function ... is invalid in C99"  errors. 

Can you suggest some solutions or the only one is to fix plugin to work with latest cordova.

Thank you.

Hi Mykola,

First of all, are you having problems in Android or iOS? 

We tried in our side for iOS and we can't find any problems, regarding the Android as the AllJoyn plugin use native librraries, you need to use the Android NDK and the tools refiered on the documentation to compile the libs and the project after. 

The problems that are you having is in the compilation of the libraries or you compile with success the libraries and you are having problems after on the project?


Hi Vitor,

I've tried with iOS. Seems like it was some problem with on my side with cordova setup  and after retrying from scratch the AllJoyn plugin was added to xcode project succesfully and displays on plugins list. 

However there is a following up question how to use it inside OutsystemsNow? For example I need to call and display this kind of app  next other apps - for that I think need to add it to ApplicationTileCell List somehow using Objective-C. Or maybe it is possible to create an application with some "special javascript hack" code that OutsystemsNow can interpret  to call to plugin functions. What can you suggest for this case? 

Thanks for any help and advice)

Hi Mykola,
The better option to you is create a new application in OutSystems to integrate with plugin. There you can create a WebBlock to do the calls to plugin. You don't need worry about the JS files of plugin because when you install the plugin the files are copied to the project and in runtime the Outsystems Now will include in your web app.
The application that you might create in OutSystems by default is activated to be shown on OutSystems Now but otherwise you need to activate on OutSystemsNowService page.
Let me know if this info help you.