How are you justifying the cost of Outsystems?

For those of you writing and deploying multiple applications, how are you justifying the cost of the annual Outsystems license? Are you charging your departments or customers an annual fee?

In the case of IT departments, who's usually not viewed as a revenue generator, but a cost liability, how do you justify or defay the cost of the Outsystems license?
Hi Gerry,

I believe there is no right answer to your question, but let me add a few comments/ideas:
 - OutSystem licensing model (Applications Objects and previously Software Units) can be counted by module/application. This means you can calculate how much each department is "consuming" in the license.
- There will always be Core and department agnostic components leveraged by multiple apps/departments - and those may be a shared cost or a direct cost to IT.

- You could also create a model based on users and the number of apps that a user has access to. Based on the user department you can create some sort of model as well.

I hope this was useful and aligned with your question.


I disagree with the fact that an it-department isn't a revenue generator.

Cost reducing = increase revenue:
- reducing it-maintenances
- speed of development = reducing development costs
- business-proces are faster changed with outsystems = business value.
- you can test ideas faster = possible business value
- with outsystems as a paas solution, you can shutdown servers like development at night.

Ahh, it's all in the way it's perceived. You and I know that IT can save a company a lot of money, which in my opinion -- with Outsystems - far outweighs the cost of the license, however, and much too often, short-sighted higher up mucky-mucks don't see it that way. Herein lies the problem - they'll look at the annual Outsystems bill and say -- Ugh! Why don't we use that new wiz-bang Python/Django or GRails -- it's *free*! Well, how can you agree with *free*? We know that it's, in fact, not *free* and that the devil is in the details of increased development time, cost of deployment, sporatic, lousy support, etc...
From our small business perspective, our outgoing cost of our Outsystems licence is significant BUT it’s worth every dollar.
-cost is less than 1 employee’s annual salary
-includes 3 enterprise server environments
-great support
-Fast development

For me, you get what you pay for!