Database Tables Being Renamed Across Environments

We have an application in which we used all 'internal' tables (as opposed to those accessed with an extension).  OutSystems helpfully named them all with the prefix OSUSR_ROW_ in the pre-Production environments.

We went to Production last week, and OutSystems less-helpfully named them all with the prefix OSUSR_NX1_.

Why?  Is there a way to change this?  Did we miss a checkbox somewhere in the release?  This will cause a minor headache with reporting, but it seems like it should maintain that three-digit code across the environments. 
Hi Chris,

The 3 letter code is based on the name of the module at the time he entities were created, so I guess the module changed name in the meanwhile while in development. This also means that new tables even on the first environment will get the new prefix.

That said, you are never supposed to assume that names will be the same between environments. They will not be in many other cases like nameclashing (expecially in oracle) or if the entities are deleted and recreated.

Search the forums a bit for related threads about the subject.
The recommended approaches for reporting include creating views for reporting or using System Entities entity to know the real table name.

João Rosado