how to check difference between 2 publishes

Hi Everyone,

For a stable build I have made some changes and now some functionalities are not working as expected, which worked before. As the number of changes are more i want to revert the changes to old pulish build which is stable.
I dont know to which build i need to revert so, please tell me how to check the changes between two builds and how to revert a build

Thanks in advance.
Hi Salini,

On eSpace level, you can compare changes via the "Compare and Merge with Another Version or File..." menu option ("Module" menu). Also, in Service Center you can check the publish times of the eSpace versions: if you know when you started the changes, you can publish the last version before that.

If you made changes to a lot of eSpaces, you'll have to repeat that process for every eSpace.
Hi Kilian,

Thanks for your reply. I am able to see the different published versions in service center. Thanks for that.
I just want to know is there any possibility of checking the differences between 2 version files as in SVN?
Hi Salini,

Yes it is possible, and I already described that in the very first sentence of my previous reply.
Hi Kilian,

Thanks for your reply. Actually its my mistake. when I go through your previous reply my mind interpreted it as "compare and merge with published version" which i am very much habituated to use. Thanks once again.