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Forge Component
Published on 2016-02-04 by MQ Spectrum
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Published on 2016-02-04 by MQ Spectrum


What does this component does?

Description/example would be nice.

Kind regards,
Hi Evert! How are you?

I did send a message to the team asking for further information. Let's wait a little while for a reply...

Thanks for highlighting this :)
Hello Mario,

I'm fine, it was carnaval this weekend (they are still celebrating it right now, but I have to work :-( ) so had a great weekend. Saw you where also celebrating it a little.

Was already thinking of new wish in WotC to make the description field (what it does) becomes a mandatory field, but descriptions can be filled in without saying anything more then without a description.

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That is absolutely true! I'll forward this thread internally so we can speed this up ;) Cheers!

Also made the idea: Click here