OutSystems Platform revision numbers are changing

OutSystems delivers software fixes in revision versions. We are changing the numbering scheme for these revision versions. We are making this change to help you to get the most out of new revision versions.

Sometimes, OutSystems add new features in revision versions, with 100% compatibility for your applications. We do make sure that revision versions never harm the end-user experience.

But these smaller features may change the developer experience. You will probably love these features, but you need to be prepared.  We are making that task easier.

With the new revision numbering scheme, it becomes obvious when a revision includes new features.

What is the new revision numbering scheme?

<Major first digit>.<Major second digit>.<Feature set><Patch set>.<Reserved>

The latest revision was, but the next will jump to 9.1.300.0.

As an example, the revision number 9.1.301.0 would mean:

  • 9.1 is the major release

  • The first digit in 300 (3) is the feature set

  • The next two digits (01) signal the first patch set on top of the feature set 300

OutSystems reserves the last digit (0) for special or internal use.

For details, check our Knowledge Base article.


What can I learn from the revision number ?

If the feature set changes, the revision brings new features, which may change the developer experience. As an example, revision 9.1.400 will include new features compared to 9.1.300. In this case, you should review the Change Log document to understand the impact of the new features.

If the feature set does not change, then the revision includes only error corrections, with no impact on the developer experience. An an example, revision 9.1.301 would not have new features compared to 9.1.300.