How to call this API ?


I'm planning to consume a third party API, the API  documentation states the following, Please let me know how i can call it using OS webservice tool ?

SMPP Information:
Server IP:
User: MyUsername
Pass: MyPassword
The Web Interface:
User: MyUsername
Pass: MyPassword
Web PORT: 8800
Gateway Programmable URL:
Sample Request:
Hi Bil,

The web is interface should be a simple REST API so just use the Consume REST API in Service Studio and when asked set the url like this:{Username}&password={Password}&Parameter1={Parameter1}&Parameter2={Parameter2}

That will create you an action with 4 parameters (the things between { } becomes the inputs of the action), and then you can just call it were needed.

From you examples I don't know what it returns, but you should be able to test it in Service Studio and get a response filled with it.

João Rosado
Thanks Rosado, it worked fine. Two thumbs Up