Drop Down Menu, avoiding repeats


I am trying to simulate a Sports Draw on Outsystems for my own Amusement. The tournament has 8 teams. If I select one team, I want not to be able to choose that team again and it to be restricted from the next drop down. Is there any way I can do this? Or something similar?
Hello Edward,
do you mean Combo Box? Can you give an image of what you're trying to accomplish?

If its a combo box, instead of using a Entity directly, you could do it from a query (Aggregate). this way you can make any sort of filters in there (like ignoring the last choice) and the dropdown will have your desired values.

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Hi Christiano Yes, I mean the combo box. I'll have a play with the logic in the aggregates. I've found them quite clever so far. Box A Option 1, Option 2, Option 3 I select option 2 thus Box B Option 1, Option 3 I select option 3, thus Box C Option 1 Thanks for the help so far :)
Once you select the team on combo box A, you need to refresh the query that feeds data to combo box B, you will also need to refresh combo box B. When you are refreshing the query, you need to give it the Team A id and make sure it is excluded from the query output
Thanks. That makes sense. I look forward to trying it out!