[Light Ajax Refresh] Skype call to discuss implementation

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Published on 2015-09-09 by Gonçalo Borrêga
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Published on 2015-09-09 by Gonçalo Borrêga

I would like to have a skype call with one of the team members to discuss how to implement this. Willing to pay.

Hi Preston,
Happy to have a quick call. Added you on skype.
Meanwhile, have you seen the Comments/Reminders on the example?

Double clicking on them should guide you through the implementation details. The flow goes a little bit like this:
  1. On the screen preparation, get the last updated datetime (just to have as a baseline) of the data changes you're tracking (in my example, a list of messages - Action GetLastUpdate
  2. On the preparation call an action (GetRefreshScript) that gives you a javascript, configured with the default RefreshPeriod (e.g. 2 seconds), the name of a screen that simply answers back with the last udpated datetime (in my example "Ajax_CheckContentUpdate") and the identifier of the screen Button that will be clicked/called if the Ajax_CheckContentUpdate returns a datetime bigger than the last one we updated data on.
  3. Put the unescaped expression with the javascript on the screen, along with the button to be called.
That script will call the "Ajax_CheckContentUpdate" screen periodically and, if the returned timestamp is higher, click the "Refresh" button where you can refresh data in the screen as usual in a traditional ajax refresh.


Can we do another skype call to implement this again?