I have 2 Major Questions With Respect to developing Hybrid Mobile Applications.


After studying the Out Systems development system, I have started remaking the ScanToBox mobile application with it. However, I am stuck on a Basic Functionality for which I would kindly ask for assistance from their Technical Team. Please find my question below:
I am able to get all the remote data I need via a Restful Web Service unto a Web Screen using the Preparation and the Web Api in the Structures Module Folder.

I am also able to create a new record remotely via a Restful Web Service
How do I select a particular record to view the detail in another screen using the Id from the data retrieved via the Web Api ? I am unable to find a tutorial which describes how to manipulate Remote Data via Web Services  I can easily do this for data Boot Strapped into an Entity using the Aggregate Tool and Preparation Tool.


I Would like to know if I can store records retrieved from RestFul Webservice locally on a mobile device using OutSystems RAD Tool.

Hi Henry,

As for your first question, I assume that the REST service returns a list of structures, and one of the attributes in that structure is an Id? And you want to pick a specific record having a specific Id?

If the above is true, and you have no control over the REST service, you can loop over the list with a For Each, until you have found the record you need. If you do have control over the REST service (i.e. can modify it), you're perhaps better off not retrieving everything at once, but have the Id be an input of a REST method that returns the data (i.e. a GET of /YourESpace/rest/Entity/{Id}).

Hi Kilian,

Thanks for your reply.

I know I can get a particular record using the Id as input on the Rest Web Service Method. 

Firstly, I have control over the Restful Web Service as I created it In-House.

Secondly, my question is how I can select a record from a list of records returned via a web service on the screen of my application. 

I have attached a screen shot of what I mean. Here is the use case:

1. I have retrieved a list of customers unto the screen via a Rest Web Service.

2. I need to select a particular Customer (Crown Records Management) underlined in red from the list on the screen to be able to get all the details related to the customer I selected.

Is there any tutorial on this ? You can refer me straight to the tutorial for more information.
Assuming you display the list using a Table Records widget, and assuming by "select" you mean the user clicks that record, the Current of the Table Record's list points to that record, so you have the Id (and other data) right there.
Can you send me a link to a detailed tutorial on this ? I can easily do this when I use the local Data Entity with the Aggregate Widget tool and Table Records. However, I cannot use the Aggregate Widget tool together with a Restful Web Service.
I don't have a tutorial. It's really basic, depending on your needs. Do you understand what I'm saying about the Current of the Table Record's list? If so, what else do you need? I might just not understand your use case.