Strange behaviour/How to Use - List_BulkSelect Widget

Strange behaviour/How to Use - List_BulkSelect Widget

Hi all,

I noticed something strange when using the List_BulkSelect widget.
When I select the List_BulkSelect it checks all the checkboxes in the table (so far, so good):

Now when I uncheck one of the records my wish is that the List_BulkSelect widget is also deselected. But then this happens:

So is this possible when using the List_BulkSelect Widget?


p.s. I know there are a lot of post about the List_BulkSelect widget but couldn't find one that answered this question.
Well, obviously, Blackstar is by far the better album, so it makes sense the Platform keeps it checked. Duh! Oh wait, that's not what you mean :).

As for your actual question, your wish is just not how the widget is implemented, so unless you want to create your own widget, you're stuck with this one.