Give us your opinion in this OutSystems Forums Survey

Hi guys,
OutSystems wants to make some improvements in the Community Forums so we developed this survey to gather your feedback.
Feel free to tell us what you think about the Forums and what we could do make your experience awesome!
Ana Sequeira
One thing is weird.  I can't answer the write-in questions (both pages) on the initial view of the survey.  If I submit, I get errors (as expected) and now I can fill in those answers.

Hi Curt,

Can you send me a print screen? Did you try other chrome browser?

Or answered to all questions (e.g other)?


I see what happened.  When I clicked on the field I clicked under the line.  You have to click above the line.  No problem.
The results of the survey that others submitted were shown when I completed my answers.  I'd love to be able to see the responses now that many more people have likely taken the survey.  Is there any way to do that?  I couldn't find one.

Hi Curt,

Sure! As soon as possible I'll share the main results with the community. The survey is still open!
It's this for you?


Yes, that's fine.  Thanks!
Dear all,

The survey is now closed. Thank you for your interest and participation. We will now be processing the information and in the next couple of weeks we will publish the results.


Hi everyone,


I'm sharing with you the main results of the survey.


46 responses

35% of personas are customers and partners

22% have less than 6 months of experience using our platform

40% visit the forums every day


TOP improvements (I read all improvement opportunities and challenges, and grouped them together).


  1. Improve internal search (by date/platform version...)

  2. Improve the homepage forums

  3. "Gamification Strategies"/ get the community more involved

  4. Improve Response time

  5. Review categories

Thank you all for your participation.

So stay tuned - we're working on making those suggestions come true.

Thank you for sharing the result insights, Ana!

With regards to #3... the leaderboard rankings system is BADLY broken. A few major issues:

* It doesn't filter out OutSystems employees, who obviously have more incentive to participate and have been around much longer. Only 2 people on the Top 10 list do not work for OutSystems (myself and Robert Champhakeo).
* It puts a very high premium on Forge components, most of which are made by one of a few OutSystems employees.
* All of the really important/needed Forge components have already been made (ardoCrypto, SilkUI/themes, SortRecordList, Geo) or have been mostly replaced by built-in functionality (ardoJSON, various service-specific integrations for REST services like Mailchimp, Twillio, etc.). It is VERY difficult to imagine a member of the community being able to create a component in their spare time and post it that will get them enough points to rise in the rankings... especially since at this point you need 5 - 10 smash hit components to get on the top 10 list. I am on a LOT of popular components, and my component isn't nearly high enough to put me on the top 10 list by itself, and after 6+ years my forum score isn't high enough to keep me on the top 10 list either. I am slowly falling off the top 10 list.
* Just like Components, almost all of the really important Ideas have already been posted. Virtually always, whenever you see a new Idea get a lot of "likes" it is a duplicate of an old Idea.
* The "thumbs up" and "thumbs down" on forum posts is worth a lot of points, but very rarely gets used. I suspect most people don't even know it is there because the buttons are small and out of the way.

It took only a few months (weeks?) for the "OutSystems Labs" account to make the top 10 list, simply because SilkUI, the themes, and common components get posted by that account. But there are a lot of people who post many times a day, and answer a LOT of questions, who will probably never be on the top 10 list just because they don't post a lot of Forge components.

Hi Justin,
Thanks so much for your input. As always very specific and constructive.
Following the survey, we will be doing a round of improvements to the forums experience that will clear some of the issues you mention. As soon as we know which, we will post them for everyone to know what's coming.

We'll keep you posted...