silk responsive ui button misalignment

silk responsive ui button misalignment

Here is a snapshot of the button misalignment directly from outsystem forum portal , i also experience when i resize my pc browser  to test for responsive mobile behaviour of the ui.Thanks

when look at the button , both of them are meant to be on the same line. its disjointed
This issue doesnt happen when i create a custom theme from scratch or use the old london theme
Hi Tmlewin,

I noticed that too! 
Fortunately CourseBooking is looking good :)

Hello Tmlewin,

Thank you for your feedback.
Actually, both the OutSystems Forums and Forge do not use Silk UI. They are older applications, previous to Silk UI, so I passed your feedback to the team responsible for the OutSystems Community.

Samuel Jesus

@Samuel , Actually dublin theme in silk ui has that same issue. here is a snaphot that uses dublin theme

look how the image and control overlap each other. i also noticed it when accesssing my app via outsystems now.The issue became so serious that we resorted to coding /dev our own custom theme from scratch which is a very painstaking process.Thanks
Hello Tmlewin,
All Silk UI Themes (such as Dublin) are fully responsive. However, depending on how you use Silk, it may or may not behave properly. For example, if you use the pattern Columns, and you set the "PhoneBehaviour" property to "Don't Break", it may cause issues like the ones you are seeing.
Looking at the screenshot it appears to me that this last example is from the Forge App "Employee Onboarding". I've talked with the team that built that app, and they told me that the focus of the app was not a responsive app, and that there is some custom CSS there that may be affecting your "phone experience". If your issue is around that specific app, my suggestion is  that you contact the app team, through the support tab, on Forge.
However, if that's not the case and have a specific issue on your application, can you please share with us your eSpace (or at least a clean eSpace with your issue replicated), so that we can check your implementation?
Please let me know if you have questions, 
Samuel  Jesus
@samuel.The main project is  quite large so i will replicate the issue as soon as possible in an espace.Thanks for your feedback