[Silk UI Web] Problem with the Ipad View when using structures

[Silk UI Web] Problem with the Ipad View when using structures

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Published on 14 Jun by Labs
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Published on 14 Jun by Labs
Please find the attachment (see im3). When I switch to Ipad view the button (“Apply”) in one of the structure goes out of the container and the logout option gets beside the menu tab.
I’m using a “4column structure” inside a “medium right structure” for the date filter. Please advise on this issue.  I have tried switching to different structures but still could see the same issue. 

Can this be the problem due to older version of SILKUI framework. I have installed the latest version and created a new application in which I could not see this issue but even after updating my dependencies in my current application still shows this issue. 
Hi Vimal,

You are using Lisbon Theme right?
Regarding the "logout" issue, you can try inspect element on your browser and try to troubleshoot what it's causing that. Do you have custom css?

About "4column structure", did you try break options? 

Hello Vimal,

Looking at your issue, it seams that the problem is not with the Silk UI Structures by themselves. The actual problem is that you have "too much" information for the space you have available. A possible solution is to try and change the medium right column to a 2 columns or a medium left column, leaving you more space inside the right column, when you switch to tablet devices.

Regarding to the logout issue, there was a problem that we identified on older versions of LisbonTheme, that was already fixed. In order to have the correct behaviour, you need to update LisbonTheme, and also  please make sure that your Menu webblock has the following structure:

Please let us know if you need any more help.

Best Regards,
Samuel Jesus
Thanks a lot. Was able to solve the issue based on all replies.