[Custom Masks] CustomsMasks don't work in Tokyo theme

[Custom Masks] CustomsMasks don't work in Tokyo theme

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Published on 7 Mar by Jogait
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Published on 7 Mar by Jogait
We use the Custom Masks in our project. To have the amounts in the correct lay-out.
This works well in the SilkUI Lisbon Theme.
But the mobile version in Tokyo doesn't work with these masks. I used exactly the same settings as we used for SilkUI Lisbon.

It seems I don't get the variables filled with a value. These variables are in text format. The masks are meant to format these fields with a special amount format. In debug mode the fields show up with 0 although in the form a value is filled in.

Hello Mike,

First of all I would like to apologize for just checking this now. About the issue that you're having, I didn't have success in reproducing it. In which browser and device this happened to you?

Thank you.