Hi all,

I'm having a little bit of a problem with a piece of functionality.
I'm having a row in a Table Records (see attached OML). When the page load I need to set the focus on the checkbox of the first row in the Table Records.

I noticed that when I use the Document.Ready function that the checkbox doesn’t have an Id yet. How can I accomplish to set the focus?

I don't understand. Why you can't do this on Preparation, setting the boolean attribute of the first row of the Source Record List (like you're already doing) instead doing this via javascript?
I can do it in the preparation but then it's not possible to get the #id of the checkboxes.
I did a little trick with JQuery to solve a little bit, but isn’t nice.
not sure, but why not give it a tabindex=1 ?

in any case, technically it's also weird. you cannot use that id, since it's in a list.

on the jquery stuff:

    $('#" + TableRecords1.Id +" input[type=""checkbox""]:first').focus();