Getting Error while connecting to Environment


 I'm getting the below error while trying to connect my personal environment. If sometimes connect to the environment automatically then while trying to publish i'm getting the same error after step 2. Kindly help on this to resolve

Hi Ameen,

As this issue is related to the same that you have described in another post of yours, we will do the follow up on the personal environment communication channel, as we've indicated in the post reply.

I received the following message from outsystems just now:

Hi there,
We achieved an important milestone last week with the upgrade of all Personal Environments to the latest OutSystems Platform release, This morning we received a few reports from some users who were unable to publish their applications. To our shock, this was caused by an issue in this version. Fortunately, no Enterprise Customers were affected.
No applications or data have been lost and everything will return to normal as soon as our team deploys a new fix. We hope to have it done as soon as possible.
You’ve put your trust in OutSystems to keep your personal applications running smoothly, and we know how frustrated and disappointed you might feel if you’ve been trying - and failing - to publish applications. Our words can’t express how deeply sorry we are.
Please know that as soon as this issue is resolved, we’ll be looking at ways to ensure that this never happens again.
Again, please accept our deepest apologies. We’ll update you shortly to let you know when everything is restored.
In the meantime, if you have questions or are experiencing issues, please don’t hesitate to email the team directly at
Hi Andre,

Can you kindly confirm whether can you able to connect to your environment and also can you publish your apps before or after getteing the message from outsystems? are you too facing the same issue?

Thanks & Regards,