Alias in From of Advanced queries


If i use DBMS like (Both) and in my advanced query set this:

FROM (SELECT {Group}.[Id] AS Id
               FROM {Group} ) AS X

I received this warning: Unexpected 'As' in SQL statement

If i replace AS like this:

FROM (SELECT {Group}.[Id] AS Id
               FROM {Group} ) X

Work, but in all sql queries in the net it is present. Is correct not use?

If you are refering to DBMS espace property, it is merely informative for communication and knowledge transfer between developers. Take a look at this link for more information.
Thanks for the answer, but I would like to understand whether to use or not "AS" in the FROM.
To be honest I'm not sure, but it seems that in Outsystems you use Alias that way (you can realize that in the generated sql queries from aggregates), for example:

SELECT ENContact.[ID] o1, ENContact.[NAME] o2, ENContact.[STREETADDRESS] o3, ENContact.[ZIPCODE] o4
FROM {Contact} ENContact

See this post, maybe it can help.
André, thanks for the answer.

I put the question in the microsoft forum: