[Survey] Update to Silk UI (Lisbon)

[Survey] Update to Silk UI (Lisbon)

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Published on 2013-01-04 by Sérgio Oliveira
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Published on 2013-01-04 by Sérgio Oliveira
Hi all

Based on a recent request, I've jumped in and created a branch of the Survey app with the base theme converted into the Lisbon Theme on Silk UI. This is attached for anyone that may be interested.

This is just a first pass - it is still worth working through the screens on different channel form factors (desktop, tablet and mobile) to ensure that it at least fits well visually into that real estate.

I haven't made any functionality changes, nor any updates to some of the slightly older widgets that are being used (like the charts). This is simply intended to serve as a starting point for someone wanting to use Survey on the latest platform themes :)