I have a REST API included in service studio. It returns JSON array. I have also created an entity with attributes similar to the JSON object that is returned.
I want to display the json array that is returned in tablerecords and then save it in db.

How can i achieve this?
I tried using ardoJSON but its not compatible with my service studio version

Please help me with this.


Using service studio version consuming one REST API should be straight foward.
You won't need ardoJSON.

Please check this video:

Check out the help page on consuming REST APIs for more details.

Hope it helps you!

Best regards.
Daniel Martins.
Hey Daniel,

I am not able to play the video from the shared link.
Also, i have already gone through the other link but I'm facing the below mentioned issue.

I am stuck at providing source to the table records.
As per the link you have shared I should be able to set the REST API method as source to the tablerecords, but when i try to do so it gives the following error
'RecordList' datatype required instead of 'None'
If it try to set the response of the REST API method as the source it gives the following error
'RecordList' datatype required instead of {MethodName}

Can you please upload your eSpace?

I can try and look into it
Hi Manish,

TableRecords widget needs input as RecordList. If I am coorect, you must be trying to set REST API's output directly to TableRecord. Before assigning that output to TableRecord, you can convert it into the form of RecordList using structure and then assign it to the TableRecord.

REST API also return you structure of JSON array. You can create RecordList variable of that structure and assign it to the TableRecord.

Hope it helps else share your eSpace as Daniel said.

Suraj Borade

What i have done now is i have converted the response type of the REST API method as Plain Text and have added a dependency from FORGE and have used XML Records(https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-details/153/XML+Records/). Out of the
available methods I've used Serialization_XmlToRecordList to convert the plain text xml response to record list but it seems the return type of this method is object. 
Now how can I use the object datatype as a source to the table records.

Moreover now I'm not able to debug the code as its giving some or the other exceptions.
Please find exceptions in attachment.

Hi Guys,

I am trying to connect rest api I used this link. But i got the error like unable to connect remote server.