Encryption used in Encrypt() Function

Hi ,
I need to integrate my outsystems application with custom java application.
So i need to know the exact Encryption method used in Encrypt() Function.
So Does anyone has the idea?
Hi Vera,

if the encryption method of Encrypt() function is SHA-512, why the EncryptPassword action from Users module uses GenerateSaltedSHA512Hash function (from PlatformPasswordUtils Extension) to generate the hash? Both are SHA-512?
Hi André

Until Platform 9.1 (Bali), passwords were stored using the MD5 cryptographic hash function, which is considered an insecure algorithm. In this version Encrypt() buil-in function no longger exists.

To make it more secure, SHA512 is used with a dynamic salt to generate password hashes.

EncryptPassword - SHA-12 (since 9.1)
Encrypt() - MD5 (before 9.1)

Hope that clarifies your question,