screen problem

in the Booking_checkout screen, the page title and menu bar is missing. how to enable all this?
Hi Hemalatha,

I checked your espace and seems to be correct - I can see the title and the menu bar.
You're a seeing maximized or are you trying to resize de window?

The problem arise when I click check out button , it will link to another page. At that page only the menu bar is not vissible.
Hi Hemalatha,

I tried all the logic since book, chek in an check out and all the pages look good wiith the menus, main content etc...

Are you still having this issue?

now it is clear. but if i have in preview mode , how to go out from the preview?

From your screenshot I see that your Booking_CheckOut screen is using a different layout from the other screens, because in the training exercise this screen is meant to appear as a pop-up. You can see where you change this layout in the attached screenshot or starting at 4:00 in the video below:

Regarding your question about the preview mode, could you be a bit more specific? You can enable and disable the preview mode by clicking the following button on the toolbar: