Destination widget don't refresh URL

Hello guys, I have a little problem with destination widget in action flow.

I have a form in my page, and an upload widget on it. My save button has it's method set to Submit, and at the end of my save action I redirect the user to a list page using the destination widget. Well, the user is redirected but the URL isn't refreshed, so, I can see and use the list page but the URL won't change.
I also noticed that when you scaffold screens by dragging and dropping entities the platform creates the Save button with it's method set to Ajax Submit and it works, the URL is refreshed, but in my case I can't manipulate the upload if the method is an Ajax, it needs to be an Submit...

My question is, am I missing something or it's a bug?

Thank you in advance.
Hi Guilherme,

You're not missing anything neither is a bug! :)
Since the redirect is done on the server side, the URL itself doesn't change, and it's not simple to work around that.
And this is not something specific to OutSystems platform, ASP.NET, JAVA, all have the same issue (if I'm not wrong).
As such I'd recommend that you would use the File Upload component to help work around this situation by allowing you to use ajax submit in the button. Additionally this would enable you to also have better user experience, since the user can see the upload being done.

Let me know your thoughts.

Ok, thank you for the reply.

I'll try this.
Hello again, I having another issue with the destination widget.

This time I have a form with a save button, with it's method set to Ajax Submit, well, the action 'Save' have a destination widget  in the end that sends the user to another page and I need to put some parameters to load that page correctly...
The user is redirected, the URL is changed, but the parameters are blank in the preparation, and if I refresh the page, since the parameters are in the URL, everything works perfectly. 
I didn't understand why the values are blank on my preparation, any idea?

Thank you in advance!