Hi there,

Hopefully you have been creating mobile apps, and suffering with all the mobile challenges.
Here at OutSystems we've created an internal workshop to ramp-up our team in the mobile challenges and how to use them in our favor. So we'd like to share with you this workshop, through a free, in-depth technical training webinar titled “Become a mobile developer from scratch”. 
In this webinar:
  • Framing Mobile challenge (from what is a mobile device to basic UX considerations)
  • How to leverage Silk UI Framework to mobile development
  • Understanding and using OutSystems Now

This 2 hour webinar wias hosted on February 25th at 13:45 GMT / 08:45 EST and was delivered by me. 
EDIT: It's a wrap! Please find below the link for the recording  and to the presentation:

Hope to have you there! 


Hi Ruben. i am looking forward to this webinar. i hope you include outsystems now integration with Android in the upcoming webinar
Hi Tmlewin,

Good to know!
Let's see what I can do! :)

Hi Ruben,
I am with great expectations regarding this webinar.
Hope that Outsystems Now customization for Android will be one of the topics.
It would be really cool if we had a demo showing a customization (or a cordova plugin implementation) step-by-step, ie, from the dowload from GitHub until the usage of that new version on an eSpace (only a suggestion). 

Cheers and continue you great work on this topics ;)
Gonçalo Martins
Hi Ruben,

congrats for the idea!
I share the same idea as the people above.
I think the future of creating mobile with OS will pass to use OS Now in most of the cases, so more information how to integrate it with cordova would be awesome.

Excited, see you there.
I will not be able to attend but I’m interested to watch it! I hope that you share after the webinar record. Thank you and it is always good for us this kind of presentations…
Kind regards,
Nuno Oliveira
Hi Rúben.

Will it really start at 13:45?
For most people at GMT time it's lunchtime :/

Hi Ruben,

Could you please confirm if the webinar video record will be available later? for the ones that can't attend?

Thank you.
Daniel Martins.

Hi all,

Thank you for your comments!
We intend to share the recording, however it all depends on the end quality of it.
Regarding the time, it's hard to cover the whole world... so starting at 13.45 GMT (Portugal) is starting at 5.45 PST (San Francisco), 17.45 GST (Dubai) and 21.45 SGT (Singapore)...

BTW, Android customisation video is being baked. ;)

Hope to see you there,

I hope you record it so us that missed it can see it after :)
Hi all,
I've watched the webcast as far as possible, unfortunately with some local interruptions along the way (it's part of the job). 
Anyway, it was extremely interesting.
It would be great to have access to the recording, to review some details and some missed parts.

I'm yet another person interested in watching the recorded webinar! I only had the opportunity to watch for a little while at the start but I was finding it very interesting.
The time was not the best and unfortunately I wasn't able to watch the webinar.

Since that there are many different timezones and most of the people are busy all day, in my opinion, instead of live webinars OutSystems could have a podcast channel.
This way you can assure the quality of the audio/video and everyone can watch and access the podcasts when and where they want.
As suggested by Carlos the podcast format could be interesting (and indeed it has several advantages), but it would lose the real-time interaction of the webinars (made possible by the questions and chat).

Amazing webinar! I had the opportunity to watch it and I could see some interesting features.

BTW, can you tell us what was the problem adding the event to the calendar?

When will it be available?
Hi guys,

Thank you for your interest!
We are working in the recording to make it available, so stay tuned!
Regarding the error that was getting when using the calendar..... Well it couldn't be a more silly mistake.... But to get it, I had to jump in to debug in Xcode, and then finally I stumbled:

"The start date must be before the end date"

After adding 1h to the end date...

Lesson learned... When using the native calendar, make sure that the end date is superior to the start date... -_-'


And the links are available, in the first post of this thread

Thank you all for your patience and feedback!

Hope to see you in the next webinar about "Troubleshooting Mobile Apps performance"
Many thanks for making the video. Hopeful I can catch the next one.