LinkedIn Companies API has changed

Hi all

I was trying to follow your tutorials regarding ReST API integrations and I faced a problem regarding the Simple Customizations: because as I read here the companies API changed and the authenticated user must be company admin as specified in paragraph "New requirement for Companies API".

I'm just warning you that I'm not able to proceed with tutorial and it will be good if you change it to prevent other folks from struggling in the same problem.

Hi Carlos,

Thanks for the heads up! We'll surely look into it and update the documentation as soon as possible.
BTW did you know you can submit this and any other feedback directly from the help page? Use the feedback widget on the top right-hand side of the page.

Thanks and keep it coming!
Hi André

Thanks for the quick reply.
No, I didn't notice the feedback widget. Maybe because I was expecting a little transparent circle in the bottom right corner ;) but thanks for the advice.